Friday, October 30, 2009

Hope to be Back Soon!

Thank you all for the very sweet comments! My computer died yesterday, so it is in the capable hands of the Geek Squad. We are using our oldest son's laptop to check everything quickly, and I am SOOOO not used to it!! He'll take it back home soon, but I wanted to quickly explain my absense! : ) Take care!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Award and a New Layout

First off, I want to thank Dorthi for giving me this award! What a sweetie! And after I've had this blog for such a short time!!

I would like to pass it on to


Things have been a little crazy around here. My two girls have had what is presumed to be H1N1 - I took my oldest girl in to the dr. yesterday, because she had it last week, and it appeared to go away, and came back. Everything I've read says if they have it, and it goes away, and symptoms come back, they need to be seen... so she was. And they said it's likely just swine flu. They are not running tests anymore, because, frankly, they have very few left, and most that they've sent in were positive. The youngest is feeling better now, thank goodness!
Then, yesterday, my 12-year old boy landed wrong while jumping in gym class, and hurt his ankle. The teacher told him to "Walk it off." When he got home, his ankle looked like a tennis ball. I took him to the doctor this morning, and he was diagnosed with a severe sprain. Poor guy had to go through the rest of gym class, and the rest of the school day limping around like that. My husband exchanged a few words with the principal this morning... : ) I have to take him later to get fitted for a walking boot that he has to wear for two weeks.

Anyway, in the midst of all that, I have gotten ONE layout done (wishing for so many more!!) The baby got his first tooth recently, so I had to commemorate that! My plan is to make him a scrapbooked baby book - I hope to do that for all the kids eventually - sadly, I didn't do very well at filling the baby books for the last, well... 4 kids.... I know, BAD MOMMY!! Anyway, I have lots of pictures, and some things written down, so I think I can make them something pretty nice yet! But, here is my newest layout.

I love the Animal Crackers kit from DIGI_licious Designs! And I love the onesie that my sister got for the little guy, that says so well what happened on that day! I know in this small preview, you can't really read what the shirt says very well, but it says "Yay! My first tooth!" Take care!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My first layouts

Well, if you are here, you are going to be fairly unimpressed, I'm sure. I've had great kits to work with, and good instructions on some, but I know the eye for a good layout is certainly not mine yet! But, here they are:

My very first layout ever - it was just to play around with the new goodies I got from Designs by Anita. I love her Brand New Day kit, which you can find here . While you are there, check out all her other great goodies - her work is awesome!

Secondly, I made this layout for the DSO Colour Challange - I was trying to keep it really simple, and really didn't want to add the pink and green and yellow, but threw those in at the end. This was done using mini kits offered in challenge - here

My third layout was made for the SDD Wordie Birdie Art Challenge - here I used LDrag Designs's new kit, "Butterfly's Whisper", and love the results! This is a totally awesome kit!! The word art was also provided by LDrag.

Lastly, for the moment at least, I did this tough one. This was for the DSS Mr. Bluebird's Number Challenge. Fortunately my oldest son took a digital graphics class in high school last year, and could help me with coloring the balloon - I was totally clueless - my ideas were WAYYY off! But, I really like the results of this, and hope he will help me do a few more like this, until I get the hang of it! I'm honestly not sure where the paper came from, as when I first started downloading things I did a VERY poor job of keeping track of where they came from, and deleted some things I shouldn't have... Sorry!

I hope to have more to show soon!! But, my 5 year old has what we suspect is H1N1, as it is going rampant in our area. Though I'm trying desprately to keep her from spreading it, I fear I'll be unsuccessful...


Hi, my name is Rebecca! I am new to digital scapbooking, and am looking forward to sharing my discoveries and creations with you! I have a lot of work to do here, getting my blog looking the way I want it, but that will come in time - this is just a place to start! Talk to you soon!