Friday, January 28, 2011

You're My Cup of Tea

Sir Scrapalot is re-releasing this kit today (it was previously released in The Digi Files) at Funky Playground! How adorable is this??

Here is the layout I made with it.

Journaling reads: January 15 Twenty-Eleven It's been such a long day. Elizabeth wouldn't let you help decorate her cake, which upset you terribly. Lorin came over for a sleepover, and shortly after we picked her up, you banged your head on the bookcase. Ouch! We had Elizabeth's birthday party, with the cousins, so Ethan, Alex, Daniella and Cayla were here too! We had homemade pizza and cake and ice cream. By the time everyone left, you and Lorin were snuggled up in bed talking. But suddenly she came downstairs and wanted to go home. That made you so sad - you cried and cried. Finally you fell asleep on the couch, and before anyone could bring you upstairs, you slipped off the couch and slept this funny, but very sweet way!

You're My Cup of Tea by Sir Scrapalot Designs
Fonts: Jellyka-Estrya's Handwriting and Jellyka-Castle's Queen

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