Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December Book Days 1-4

Hello, friends! What a ride it's been over the last few weeks in our home! We've been dealing with one of those dreaded things families sometimes have to deal with when they have kids in school - lice. Yuck!!! My girls with beautiful long hair... No fun at all! And I got them too. Yucky, yucky, yucky!! When I noticed I had them, I knew I'd have to deal with them myself, and the thought of my super long hair was too much! So, on impulse, I told my hubby he could cut my hair like he's always said he wanted to do. Kind of a mistake... But, I've gotten over it. Kind of... But, I digress. We are still dealing with the darn things, and it's been a struggle.

But, I am finding a lot of joy in working on my book to cheer me up! Here are the cover pages and the first four days.

The Christmas cards I made this year. The sentiment stamp was an exclusive from the Elle's Studio 'tis the season limited edition kit. Seeing it always makes me feel so calm... I wrote Shimelle's Christmas Manifesto inside of it.

December 1st - Having trouble dealing with the fact that it was December, and I did NOT feel in the holiday spirit. I had just discovered I had lice, the little girl staying with us had them really bad, and Jake had a stomach bug and was waking up during the night vomiting. But I felt a bit of peace in the afternoon, when the hubby came home and sat with the little guy so I could get some work done. Everyone eventually fell asleep in there, and I had some quiet time. I love seeing my little guy on his daddy's lap!

December 2nd - Trying to cope with my new short hair cut. Kept the girls home, and we had a pajama/lice killing party. Wouldn't you like to have been here... Not a fun day, but I tried to make the best of it.

December 3rd - It was so exciting to round a corner at Walmart and see Santa sitting on a bench! I had a couple of kids thrilled about that!! Jake sat right down next to him, and told Santa he wanted a fire engine.

December 4th - The grandbaby FINALLY got to come home!! Mom and dad and baby showed up in the afternoon, while I was working on bookwork, and the boys were cutting wood. He is still so tiny - seriously, smaller than some of my kids were when they were born! But, I got to snuggle with him... and burp him... and change his diaper. I'm in love! Everyone must have had a long day though, because while watching our beloved Packers play, all of them, plus her little girl who had been staying with us, plus Jake fell asleep! It was supper time, and half the house was asleep! There must have been sleeping potion in the air!


Sasha Farina said...

we updated our blogs on the same day! what are the odds! i'm so sorry about the lice and your hair!!! but it will grow!! don't be so sad.. *hugs*..

and i wanna come and snuggle with the grandbaby pretty badly right about now.. *sigh*

Lain said...

Your pages are gorgeous! I love the photo strips. Lots of fun stuff there. Thanks so much for sharing!

Goesturbo said...

LOVE your album! Simply precious.