Friday, November 13, 2009

My First Extraction

I am so excited - I did my first extraction tonight! My computer is still with HP - I hope I get it back soon, but I'm not counting on it. I saw the week #2 challenge at Gotta Pixel, and when I saw that the challenge was to extract, I knew I had to at least TRY!! I had to be really careful not to use too many elements, and it shut down on me once, but I persevered. So, here is my first attempt. I used Marta van Eck's lovely kit Le Fabulist.

Now, a question for anyone who might be reading this... my sincere hope is to become a member of some of my favorite designers CTs someday. But, as I have been reading CT calls, I've noticed most say to link to at least 2 other galleries other than the store where they sell their products. I'm pretty sure you could link them to DigiShop Talk, which I just found a few days ago (love it!!!), but where else do they have galleries where you can upload and link to ANY shop or designer? I assume these places would also be the best places to start my own galleries as well, correct? I'd really appreciate any help on this you can give me!! Thanks!

Here's to hoping Best Buy calls tomorrow and says my computer is fixed (fat chance!) Take care!!!



SandyPie said...

DigiScrap Addicts (DSA) is another great place where everyone (my CT higher ups) seem to want us to go to enable or play the praise game. And they have great designer contests with great freebies every year (if not twice a year I can't remember.) Plus both DSA and DST will post CT calls in their forums for designers and sites, it almost seems easier to get on at a store rather than for a designer directly only because they have the resources for more CT members than one designer doing a kit twice a month or so, they can't keep everyone around. (know what I mean??) I could point you to a few sites I know are always looking for store CTs. Also I recommend posting in galleries of the stores your favorite designers post at, it's the best way to get their attention/get them familiar with your style. But most importantly post at forums/galleries you are comfortable at or you're really wasting your time, it's like picking your friends/coworkers basically you are spending time with these people even if it's only on the computer, they will be seeing your work, commenting on your layouts, telling others, helping you get your work out there. CT'ing takes a lot more time than you may think and it's best to do it somewhere you get a little community out of it. That's my two cents anyway, drop me a line you have any questions! SandyPieCreations (at) gmail dot com. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, SandyPieCreations!! You have been very helpful!!!

Christine said...

Rebecca, another lovely gallery is My Scrapbook Art - . I have emailed you re: my CT Call. Divine Digital has the most incredible sense of community and family - it's like a home away from home for me! I think you would really love it there! Lots of challenges, chit chat and always a helping hand if you need it... Look forward to hearing frm you :) Christine - digi_licious(at)

Heather T. said...

What a cute extraction! Earlier commenters have already mentioned both the main other galleries I post in besides DST. There's also SisTV, and 2Peas ( for the latter). They welcome layouts from other places, but don't add a link back to other shops.