Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some goodies

Oh, my poor neglected blog! I'm sorry I've been away so long! There's been a lot going on here from lots of paperwork, to my brother-in-law unexpectedly falling gravely ill and passing away within a week, to an unplanned trip halfway across the country for his memorial service, to lots more paperwork and getting ready for Christmas. I'm still FAR from ready, with only about 6 gifts bought so far! We don't have a tree yet, or any decorations up, because we only got back a few days ago, and have been pretty solidly working! Hopefully we'll get all that done soon, as we are rapidly running out of time! I am working on making a few holiday gifts - I'll share more about them as I get some made. But for now, I must share a few things with you!!

Did you know that CatScrap is having an Advent Calendar? Check out the daily downloads there! And you might notice Santa hanging around in the forums and gallery!

Then head over to two little pixels! With your $10 order, this beautiful collab is automatically added to your cart!

I had a lot of fun working with it! I recently made my first photo book using a free code from Shutterfly, and as I had to make it quickly (because I waited until the last minute, as usual), I had to just throw things together. It came out nice, but because I know nothing about bleed and all that, the pages are a little off center. And because all my layouts are single-page, a lot of the pages don't match very well. So, I vowed to make more two-page layouts in the future. Here's my first one.

Page one...

Page two...

and the two combined!

And check out the sweet December 2010 Gold Member kit at DST. It was made by my friend Shen. I absolutely loved playing with this kit!

Here is what I made.

I hope this post finds you well! And I plan to be writing much more over the next few weeks! (((hugs)))

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Anonymous said...

You do such cute pages! I'm having a scrapbook challenge/link up over at my blog, I would love for you to stop by and join in!