Thursday, June 16, 2011

Savoring Summer book pages 1-3

Well, working has been crazy busy, and between that and running kids around to places they need to go, and trying to get some housework done, dealing with a flooding basement, and all the other stuff, I've not found a lot of time to scrap. But, I can't tell you how much I love working in this Savoring Summer mini book kit from Elle's Studio. I got the covers and base made last week, and have been adding more and more base pages, as I get more and more paper I love. I think this will be a pretty thick mini by the time summer is over!

Let me very quickly mention - if you are trying to get something like this made, having the base of the book made beforehand is so wonderful! It makes making a page so quick and easy!

Here is my front cover.

My first page is about our little guy getting his leg broke on the first day of June. On the hospital bracelet piece, I blurred out his full name and birthdate on the photo, as I really don't care to give quite that much info out...

On the 2nd page I added some goodies from Crate paper - I love the die cut sheets that you get when you purchase one their collection kits. A 12" x 12" sheet FULL of die cuts to punch out! Yay! This frame and date element are from their Emma's Shoppe collection. Oh, and the trim came in the Elle's Studio kit, but it's from the trim set from Crate Paper's Neighborhood collection. Actually, this whole page is Crate Paper - the background is one of their papers from the Portrait Collection (swoon!)

Late last week, Lily asked me (very accusingly, I might add), "Mom, why don't you ever take us out for ice cream?". It made me feel kind of bad... But, the other day when we were at Walmart, she asked if they could get an ice cream treat - remembering that question, I said sure. On the way home, I remembered why I don't take them out for ice cream (at least not to eat in the vehicle, that is!) What a mess!! Trying to keep Jake's cast clean and dry was a real hassle. (But the ice cream sure was yummy!) So, that's what page 3 depicts. Oh, these little stickers are ones that I picked up a Walmart - they are adorable, and at just $1 for a sheet, a real steal, in my opinion!

I have more pages in the works, and will try to show them to you soon. I hope you are having a fabulous, happy summer so far!!

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Tina said...

sound like one crazy summer for you so far! oy..flooded basement. hopefully you've got that all fixed up now. i love kits and minis that make it easier to scrap.