Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer begins...

Well, I haven't gotten any scrapping done this week, but that's not without good reason. The kids got out of school for the summer (yay!!); all the boys (but the little guy) are working with their dad, which leaves us girls to pick up a lot of their chores; the bookwork has been plentiful, as the helper thing just hasn't worked out; there are gardens to be planted; and then to add more complications, the little guy had a playground accident!

Can you believe they make walkers this small? Anyway, he's in a cast for 4 weeks, and though the walker is fun once in a while, he's not really that into it, so it means a LOT of carrying this 38 lb. 2 yr. old, and fining things for him to do while he can't move around a lot. I'm sure it will get easier as time goes by - he'll find ways to be more mobile. Oh, and guess what was really fun! This happened on my hubby's and my 15th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary, honey! Trips to the ER are a great way to celebrate!! lol

Oh, well. Back to the bookwork. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!

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