Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm back...

I know, I know... long time, no see. What have I been up to? Well, it's been a bit crazy around here. A baby shower to plan, that finally took place last weekend (and sadly my camera decided to take a poo and not work after I got one cruddy photo of the food before the shower...) But, here are the invitations I made a huge number of.

Oh, you may be wondering who is having a baby. Well, our oldest son's girlfriend is expecting our first grandchild soon. The little guy has some problems, and will be rushed into surgery when he is born, but we have faith that everything is going to work out okay!

Anyway, between making all these invitations and the shower actually happening, we had 3 birthdays in the family. Yes, 3 of our children have their birthdays within the first week of September. Crazy, right? So, we had party after party, between family parties, and parties with friends. Lily's friends party was the one I worked on the most - here are the invitations I made for them - I was trying to keep it simple, so I printed out some Soiree cards I got from House of 3 before they closed. Of course, I wanted to glam them up a little bit... Then I didn't have any A2 envelopes, so I had to make some. That wasn't quite as simple... but they came together pretty quickly.

And with all those birthdays I had to make a new birthday banner, because the old purchased one I had just wasn't cutting it anymore in my humble opinion. So, one morning I made this with some fun older papers from My Mind's Eye. If I remember correctly, the alpha stickers are Sassafrass.

Other than all those parties, I've also been taking lots of classes! Let's see... right now I'm in Katrina Kennedy's Your Life Through the Lens at Get It Scrapped, Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day (which I have fallen terribly behind on...), Jennifer McGuire's Inspiration Showcase (which I learned an INCREDIBLE amount from - I highly recommend it!). And today, Double Take with May Flaum and Nic Howard started! I've been really looking forward to this class - May is a teacher I really relate to, and I have pretty much decided that any class she teaches, I will take. This class is going to be a LOT of fun!! If you want to join me, you can still get into this class! Check it out here.

I hope to be back soon to show you more goodies - I've made a little tutorial for you, but just haven't had the energy to get that all put together and posted, but hopefully I'll get that up soon. Take care, everyone!


Brandy Layton said...

It is good to hear from you! Wonderful celebrations in deed! All 3 of us kiddos have September Birthdays. Big Brother is the 18th, Little Brother is the 24th, and mine is the 29th. Happy September Birthday Month! xoxo Bran

Kiwi The Kreator said...

Lovin' the look of those soiree invites! I've sent up prayers for your new little. June is like September for us: Hubbs-2nd; Son-14th; Daughter-15th; Father-in-law:22nd; and Son-29th...that's our broke month!!!

Sasha Farina said...

wait wait.. you look so young! how could you be having a grandchild? sending prayers for the little one Rebecca.

Sasha Farina said...

come back to blogland. i miss you... :)