Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grid it up

Well, I'm still working, but I finished this page that I started last night during some document uploads. The challenge from Shimelle on this one was to make a page with a grid element. I bounced a few ideas around in my head, but this one won out. I love Jenni Bowlin's mini papers, especially this set. I cut them down to 3" x 3" pieces and glued them on my page. At first I was going to try to make a perfect grid, but that is just not me. So, I made a messy grid, and that really dictated the way the rest of my page.

Oh, darn. You can't read that last word very well - the phrase on the bottom says "...hold such PROMISE"

I wanted to add a couple of quotes I've seen on pinterest lately - I ♥ pinterest!

Here are a few detail photos.

I'm not sure if I'll be back with more yet today or not. I've got a decent amount of work left, plus most of the family is here for a big meal on Sunday nights (all 9 of us - or 11 if our oldest's girlfriend and her daughter show up!) Oh, and we veg out in front of the TV late Sunday nights - there is a 2 hour block of Soap reruns, and most of us never saw it (as it was before our time), and we are really hooked!


Cynthia said...

I love your "messy" grid! And how ingenious to add the quotes around the blocks!

Unknown said...

Great page, I love the fact your grid is 'messy' - it's more fun that way! The yellow alpha stickers really pop from the page too. I entered the grid challenge too as I had some square photos printed ready and waiting for such a challenge! X

Kaatje said...

love your messy layout. Thats a challenge for me. I do straight lines most of the time. Love your journaling. It's nice to see what others do with the same challenge. they are al great

Georgia said...

Like how you didn't use the grid squares for photos, but for design elements instead. Nicely done.

jamie said...

i love me a grid!
totally love it.

thanks so much for visiting my blog. hope you check back in later in the week to see if you won any goodies!!!

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

I love your interpretation of the grid! The doily add a bit of delicate-ness to the squares. And using the Jenni Bowlin squares for the grid was genius!