Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daily Truth

Wow! I have a bit of a break in work! I got everything done already that I could for now, so I'm just waiting for my guys to come home with the rest of the photos I have to get uploaded before the end of the month. It'll be a late night, but I'm so thankful I'm getting a break!

Have you heard of Daily Truths from the Brave Girls Club? It's a daily email I get that, that I love! It's often just what I need to hear. My very favorite one came last month, when I really needed it. It read:

Dear grateful girl,
It might seem like so much is going wrong around you, it might even be true... but there are always many many more good things to see, and wonderful things to be grateful for.

If we can get our thought to sway away from feeling lack of any kind... whether it's financial or emotional or physical, and instead focus on every little simple and beautiful and lovely thing around us... our lives can be full and abundant and joyful.

When we have difficulties finding the beauty we are looking for or wanting to focus on, we always have the ability and the choice to go out and create it.

Between the beauty and truth that is already out there to find, and what we can create... we can each find joy and strength at any time. Isn't that wonderful? Life is so good!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Isn't that beautiful?

If you would like to receive such emails every day, join the mailing list here.

During this break today, the girls asked if I would craft with them. They painted, while I scrapped, and Jake napped. I made this layout for the Studio Calico Sunday Sketch.

Some details:

Week in the Life Day 6

Wow! I can't believe this is the last day of Week in the Life. I've got a really busy day of work, as is usual for the end of the month, but I'm going to make it!! Here are some of my favorite photos from yesterday.

Elizabeth snuggled up in my chair reading first thing in the morning. Her favorite thing to do.

Jake and Lily were up on our bed watching a Kipper video they got from the library.

My quick breakfast so I could keep working.

Elizabeth unplugging Jake's tractor. Once she had it ready for him, it was so funny, he took off out of the garage on that think like a bat out of... well, you get the idea. That boy only drives in 2nd gear now!

Kind of a big deal. I haven't had an adult drink since I got pregnant with Jake (well, besides the occasional sip of Dave's wine), but knowing how stressful this weekend would be for me, I asked him to pick up some wine coolers yesterday, so I could relax in the evening. I was kind of excited then I saw them in the fridge. They looked so yummy (but when I finally drank one at about 10 pm, I'll be honest, not as yummy as I thought it would be.)

William is a very creative soul, and recently he realized that when he comes across air fresheners like this, he can make faces in them with his pen. He loves to make little things to make me smile when I work through the pictures. He's so sweet!

Jake playing with one of his trucks, and the gravel. This was shortly before the sun went down, and what I've been reading is right -the lighting is fabulous then!

Lily had a friend over for a sleepover, and the kids had so much fun making a mud hole, and swinging over it. They were soaked.

And Jake wanted to swing.

Then the girls decided to run through the mud hole.

After they all dried off and got on their PJs, they watched Tom and Jerry on our bed, and ate popcorn. What a fun end to the day for them!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life Day 5

Day 5 - we're nearing the end!

Thursday started out with quite a bit of arguing. Lily was really irritating Elizabeth with that silly popper toy.

Jake was pulling some really silly faces while eating his yogurt.

The scraps from lunch - I guess Jake didn't want his crusts.

We had to run some errands, and I surprised Elizabeth as she got into the van by taking her photo.

We were so excited when Elizabeth found a Mighty Machines movie in the Walmart checkout line. This is Jake's favorite show (well, that or Bob the Builder), so it's so exciting to be able to turn it on any time we need it!

After our errands, I promised the girls we'd go to the library - they LOVE going there. Look at that HUGE bag of books Elizabeth is carrying! We left with it even fuller!!

Everyone wants to help put the books in the drop.

Ahhh... my favorite shelf. I'm not really into fiction, though there are a few authors that I love to read. But, the new cookbooks... that or the craft area.

When we got home, Jake was so ready for a nap (this was a LATE one - like 5 pm!)

Dave was going to make supper, but he asked if I'd make a tuna macaroni salad. The kids loved it, but he wasn't too happy that I didn't put any celery in it.

Just looking at all these alphas from Sassafras makes me so happy! I have a mild obsession with them - there are more on their way to me. I love the open spot on the top - I recently thought of putting them all on a binder ring - love it!!

Jake woke up not very happy, and wanted to do nothing but watch dump trucks, so I searched youtube.

While Dave made supper, the kids played outside.

Dave grilling. When he realized I was snapping photos, he told me to put the camera in the house. I'm loving this, but my family is getting a little sick of it...

I made a page!

I did it! I actually spent some time to scrap a real page this week. Yep, I spread it out between 2 days, but I really wanted to enter the Sassafras challenge for this month, so I did get it done. The challenge was to mix some of their lines together. I lost track of what all I used, but I know I have some from Starters, Indie Girl and Count Me In. The only thing that's not from Sassafras is the little yellow alpha - those are from Authenique. I also used Elmer's adhesive and a Pilot Precise V5 pen.

Some detail photos.

I'll be back later with my Week in the Life photos from yesterday. Happy weekend, everyone!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life Day 4

Day 4 already - more than halfway done! At least I'm earlier posting this today!

Lily and Jake shortly after waking up - playing with light sabers on the sofa.

Waiting for the pan to warm up to make Dave's eggs.

Dylan doing a little reading while he waits for Dave to be ready to leave for the day. On the sly is about the only way I can get photos of the boys.

Jake eating a bowl of cereal. He's not very good about using silverware.

Lily and Jake ready to leave to bring Elizabeth to a friend's house for swimming.

Later, we had to run to another town to pick up a part for Dave. I wanted a picture of Jake's cute Cars shoes.

Lily was playing with a camera and took a picture of her own feet.

At the grocery store - I let the kids have a rare treat - a frozen dinner.

Just documenting the price of a gallon of milk.

At the tractor part store, they offered the kids free popcorn. Jake announced very loudly after trying it that it was "lucky" - what he meant was YUCKY! Lily picked out the good pieces for him on the way home.

A self portrait.

Yay! The UPS man just dropped off a prize box from Studio Calico! Autumn Press, here I come!

Dave and the boys were home late for supper, as usual, so it was all in microwave dishes for them. Spaghetti and meatballs is a favorite around here.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life Day 3

Wow! Day 3's photos already! Or, maybe I should say, it's about time. Yep, I'm working on this late today. Been one of those days, I guess. But, here is yesterday's day in photos - I got a little bit artistic with the photos while editing them...

The kids played outside in the morning, and Jake ended up filthy, so once I was done with my workout, I gave him a bath - he loves baths!

In the meantime the girls played in their room. Ummm.... sadly, they just cleaned it last week. See the red curtains? Dave found them in a house he cleaned out (don't worry, I wash them well), and they make the room so... red! Seriously, when the sun shines in, the room is awash in red!

Jake took a fairly early nap, and the girls asked to use my paints. They had a lot of fun painting!

Elizabeth's dog clown.

Lily's bowl of chocolate and painting of herself with someone who is NOT her sister (they had a lot of arguing yesterday!)

And the little guy sleeps. Umm... I think I see a popsicle stick in there - you never know where he'll throw them.

After painting, Lily wanted to throw a fashion show for me. I was trying to work, but took some time to watch. She put a chair at the bottom of the stairs with a pillowcase lying in front of it (I didn't quite understand that part...) and walked up and down the stairs with the same dress over and over, but different accessories (including stuffed animal and bubbles.) I caught this photo as she was changing something up there - I loved the effect of the sun coming through the bathroom window.

After nap it was time to play outside. Elizabeth with a smug look on her face, for some reason.

I did a lot of laundry - mmm... fresh towels! The bottom ones here are the new ones - I washed them on their own, and the dryer lint from these was incredible! The boys didn't think that was very exciting when I told them...

This is kind of a crumby photo, as Dylan all of a sudden noticed I had the camera and trying to get away, but this where you'll usually find the boys when they're home at the computer, or on their bed playing Magic.

Dave pulled out the cheetos while he was making supper, then headed outside. This has become a favorite snack of Jake's lately, so he thought he would follow suit, and proceeded to stuff as many cheetos in his hands before he went out the door - I finally had to grab the bag, he had them falling on the floor, in his mouth...

Jake and Lily putting some mail in the box for me.

Lily on the back of the truck.

Jake wants to sit there too!

Yum - corn on the cob! Poor William still has braces, and has to cut his off.

While I did dishes, Dave had the kids outside, and Elizabeth took some pictures of the young ones swinging. She's really trying to help me with this!