Monday, January 16, 2012

I was being hasty.

Yes, I was. In being honest with myself, I know that if I don't show off what I do somewhere, I'm probably not going to do it. It has to do with some amount of accountability, but much more to do with the fact that I'm proud of what I do, and no one in my real life (save my younger kids) really has any appreciation for it. And I am NOT going to let fear of what some monster might do to with my kids' pictures stop me from showing you all what I'm doing. It's just not going to happen. My husband can say all he wants about how I make the kids think that technology is all wonderful, and how I'm being so irresponsible putting our kids' photos all over the internet. I just don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong. You know? I try to be very tasteful in what I post. My brother-in-law (who works in government security) told me that Facebook is one of the worst places to be posting photos of kids, so I stopped. But, I am not going to let fear keep me from doing what I love. So there! lol

That said, here is a photo of my finished December Daily album. I had taken photos of each page that I hadn't shown you yet, but then last week I deleted them all, and I just don't feel like going through all that again - sorry. Maybe someday I'll have some streak of wanting to photograph and process several pages at once, and do it, but for now, I hope you're happy with a photo of the whole book - I am! It got quite huge, but for now the binder rings are working, so that is likely how it will stay.

Moving on, I did my first week of Project Life last week. I am in love with this project! It took me a while to figure out what I was really doing, but once I started putting things in here, I don't think it could really get much easier (well, I guess I could just put photos in and use the PL journal cards and call it good, but what fun is that?) So, here are the pages of my Week 1 (I haven't made my cover page yet...)

I used a lot of Crate Paper's Farmhouse line, and a paper from their Random collection. I hope to start printing out photos and working on Week 2 later today, as long as things work out for that.

One of our daughters celebrated a birthday this past week, and after I finished making a card for her, I loved the design so much, I made 3 more! Why not? Here are 3 of them:

And a photo of all 4 (the close up of the 4th was all blurry.)

I used papers from Crate Paper's Emma's Shoppe line, a stamp from Papertrey Ink, Versamark ink, Zing embossing powders, and flowers from Sassafras. Oh, and my Zap heat tool, my ATG, and my Fiskars 2" circle punch.

When I finished making those cards, I made a little banner for her birthday cake with some of the scraps. I hadn't planned on putting a candle on this cake, but she really thought she needed to blow something out, so we put on one candle (not 12, as the banner probably would have caught on fire!)

I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your week! You all rock, you know that? I love that there are some people here who enjoy seeing what I make - it makes me feel good! Thank you for that! Take care!


Michelle Clement said...

Oooh...lovely projects!! :) Your Project Life is my favorite - so lovely!

Brandy Layton said...

Lovely cards and busy busy!