Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aren't these lovely?? My hubby surprised me with them on our way for our first dinner out ALONE in probably 5 years. It was fantastic!! It was the first time I've gotten a beeper to hold while we waited for a table, I had my first margarita (yum!), and I even wore pretty shoes even though I had to walk across our mud hole of a driveway. It was a fabulous evening!

This weekend I also had some hybrid fun! I got these banner printouts from House of 3, and put together, with Tombow Mono Adhesive, these sweet little toppers for the cupcakes my daughters were bringing to their Valentine's Day parties today. I think we ended up making roughly 80 cupcakes!

Aren't they cute??? I usually go pretty heavy on the frosting, but I decided to try it differently this time. And these banners would be adorable on a scrapbook page, don't you think??

The kids had fun having snowball fights with what snow is left! And somehow Jake ended up in this pink butterfly hat! Funny!!

I also made this "Be My Valentine" banner from Elle's Studio. I've been working on it for a while, trying to find time here and there to cut out the pieces. I though it looked pretty all put together!

On the ends I put some coffee filter flowers. They aren't perfect, but I thought they added a nice touch to the banner.

It was a fantastic weekend at our house!! I hope yours was fantastic as well! Have a happy day today!!


Brandy Layton said...

I love your journey and where you are heading, I love what you have created and I am so stoked that you had a wonderful time with your hubby, I miss mine greatly! Some days I want Timothy to get here sooner just so my hubby can come home for 10 days. Happy Valentines day!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!