Friday, February 4, 2011


Check out this gorgeous new kit from Brine Design - Kendi. Kendi is the African name meaning "The Loved One", and this kit is full of beautiful loving elements. And I really like the color palette.

Here is the layout I was inspired to make with it.

Journaling: My darling Jacob, You are so very special to me! I adore holding you on my lap, and watching you fall asleep snuggled against me. It is the most beautiful time of my day, when you go to sleep on me. This particular day though, I was busy on the computer, and you were watching a movie, and you fell asleep all by yourself for the first time. You looked so very, very sweet. But, I have to admit, my heart broke just a little bit. You see... you are growing up, and don't necessarily need me to fall asleep anymore. And it made me kind of sad. I love you!

Kendi by Brine Design
Font is 1942 Report


marsie55 said...

Oh, I can relate to how you feel! It has just happened to me with my grandson .. he has learnt to walk! Before when I went to visit, he would gabble so excitedly, and his little arms & legs would be going everywhere!! Now he is still happy to see me, but his world has opened up and he doesn't need me so much .. he can get around and do things by himself now. It is wonderful of course, but I miss that excitement in his face!! xxx

Katharyn Brine said...

Hey Rebecca, thanks fo featuring my kit on your blog! {hugs}