Thursday, April 21, 2011

Banner Day

As I told you yesterday, my youngest celebrated his 2nd birthday this past weekend. He is a total lover of tractors, and whenever he was asked about his birthday coming up, he would say, "I trator!" in a total Tim Allen grunt type voice. He's a total boy!

Wish Bliss Studio released a new illustration set of these great banners today, and I thought they were perfect for a birthday layout!

Here is the page I made.

My little guy on the tractor he got for his 2nd birthday.

Banner Day illustration plus alpha from Wish Bliss Studio
Birthday Bling from Wish Bliss Studio
Staple by Pink Repti
le Designs

1 comment:

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Ooooo! this set is so adorable and i love your layout! what a little toughie he is on that tractor.