Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Painted Edge Rosette Tutorial

Okay - last week I promised you all a tutorial, and here I am with it! You've likely seen these cool rosettes around - they seem kind of popular right now. I learned a few different techniques, from the likes of Heidi Swapp and Tania Willis, and I used them to make something just slightly different.

Here's how I made this. I started with a sheet of cardstock. Cut a 1" strip. (actually with this blue, I cut 2" - turned out too big when I got to the end - if you are going to do one this big, you need to start with 2 strips.)

Then, I used some decorative scissors, and made a scalloped edge on one side.

Pulled out some acrylic paint and a brush...

and painted a very imperfect white stripe along the scalloped edge.

I used my Martha Steward Score Board here - if you are going to make a lot of these, I would suggest investing in one of these or something similar - but you can also do this by hand (it just takes a LOT longer.)

I scored my entire paper strip every 1/4".

Then, I proceeded to z-fold my strip. Here is where you would start if you didn't have a scoring tool.

Z-fold the whole thing.

Then I get out my hot glue gun, and glued the two ends together. (I played a little switcheroo here on you and went to the yellow strip.)

Now you should have a ring.

I cut a small square of cardboard (from the back of a legal pad), and piled some hot glue on it.

Then I flattened out my ring, and set held it on top of the hot glue until I felt like it was secure.

At that point, I found a pretty button, put a little glue in that hole of the rosette, and pushed the button shank into it, and ended up with this pretty flower.

I used some pretty Jenni Bowlin mini papers to make this card, using inspiration I found here, at an online crop challenge by Jenni Bowlin Studio.

One more card to show you - my little guy turned 2 this weekend, and this is the card I made him.

I made this with Kristin Aagard's Contruction Zone digital kit.

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