Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bliss Rewinds

Isn't this a lovely illustration pack from Wish Bliss Studio? Think of the sweet Mother's Day cards you could make with it!

I decided to use it for a page I wanted to make.

World's Best Mom Illustration Set from Wish Bliss Studio
Euphoria Paper Pack
by creashens

It's a passage from the Bible that I need to constantly remind myself to try to live by. How I wish I could be this woman!

I wanted to print this out and put it in the little book I'm starting at home, so I took off the background and printed it onto a sheet of tan cardstock. Unfortunately, it didn't come out as I thought it would. The border pretty much all disappeared, and anything I made white disappeared (I forgot that any spot that's white doesn't print - that's just negative color space! Duh!) So... I got out my paint, headed outside to watch the little guy play, and tried to make it work. Here's how that came out.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!

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