Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daily Truth

Wow! I have a bit of a break in work! I got everything done already that I could for now, so I'm just waiting for my guys to come home with the rest of the photos I have to get uploaded before the end of the month. It'll be a late night, but I'm so thankful I'm getting a break!

Have you heard of Daily Truths from the Brave Girls Club? It's a daily email I get that, that I love! It's often just what I need to hear. My very favorite one came last month, when I really needed it. It read:

Dear grateful girl,
It might seem like so much is going wrong around you, it might even be true... but there are always many many more good things to see, and wonderful things to be grateful for.

If we can get our thought to sway away from feeling lack of any kind... whether it's financial or emotional or physical, and instead focus on every little simple and beautiful and lovely thing around us... our lives can be full and abundant and joyful.

When we have difficulties finding the beauty we are looking for or wanting to focus on, we always have the ability and the choice to go out and create it.

Between the beauty and truth that is already out there to find, and what we can create... we can each find joy and strength at any time. Isn't that wonderful? Life is so good!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Isn't that beautiful?

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During this break today, the girls asked if I would craft with them. They painted, while I scrapped, and Jake napped. I made this layout for the Studio Calico Sunday Sketch.

Some details:


Michelle said...

Hi Rebecca....great layout! Love the colors, design and topic. It is so very true. My son used to do that too! I found your blog via "a little bird"...I'm a follower now. :)

Sasha Farina said...

thank you Rebecca! because of you, i signed up for the daily emails! :) love your take on the sketch, girl!!