Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I just need to love on Shimelle here for minute. She is so inspiring to me. If you haven't already, I would TOTALLY suggest you watch her video on Ali Edward's blog - you can find the blog post here.

I am taking Shimelle's Explore class, and am totally loving it. I can't believe how much she has put into it for such an inexpensive class! Here is the book I have made so far.

Front cover - how lucky was I that my new labels from Elle's Studio showed up while I was making this - that EXPLORE tag was just perfect for my cover!

Here is a self portrait of myself, the way my family often sees me - with my camera in hand.

A letter to myself reminding myself what I am taking the class for.

Just playing with map papers and circles - making my own embellishments.

We were instructed to write down something that we feel is perfect in our lives.

And these pages were in response to a request to take a photo of where we stand the most, sit the most, and sleep the most. Sleeping the most would have to be a tie between the bed and the recliner, I'm afraid...

I am really enjoying this class!!

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