Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Week in the Life Day 2

Here is my day 2 of Week in the Life. It was a day where we stayed home all day, and I got my work done halfway early. That's always fun! Oh - and my daughter Elizabeth told me I could borrow her camera for a while - what a sweetie!!

Me, doing what I do. Well, most of what I do is on the computer, but we like to keep a hard copy of everything we do as well.

When I got my work done, the little guy was sleeping, so I thought it was a great time to paint my nails - I'm loving this orange shade! And a little caffeine and ginseng never hurt anyone, right? (except that's my hubby's soda, and he might not like if he saw I was drinking it...) lol

During crafting time (at least the girls get to do that whenever they want to), Lily made herself a Mrs. Snowman mask - cute, huh?

After they got all their other work done today, my guys cut our own lawn. Here's Dylan doing what he does most of the day - weed eating.

And Jake loves it when Daddy is mowing - he gets to ride along. He should have been eating supper right then, but riding the tractor is definitely more fun (plus supper last night turned out really bad, so I can't blame him for not wanting to eat it!)

After all the yard work and dishes and laundry, Dave had to bring the trailer back to the shop, and said he wanted to get a new pillow. So, he and Jake and I hopped in the pickup, and went to Walmart. Jake wasn't wearing any shorts! lol

What a mess Walmart was last night - boxes everywhere! And wow, did we load up a cart! Not only did we get a new pillow for Dave, but for everyone in the house (it was time!) Plus, he decided we needed new towels too - he's right - the great Martha Stewart Egyptian cotton ones we got about 10 years ago were getting a little (or a lot) on the bad side...

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