Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life Day 1

Welcome to my first Week in the Life. I am so excited about this! The day certainly had some ups and downs, but I got about 110 photos of so, and took lots of notes. Here are some of my photos and words.

Dave started out the morning writing down what they did the day before, and planning work for the day ahead. This is a morning ritual. They have plenty to do today!

Jake was amused by something! And I think he has a piece of Dave's toast going into his mouth. He usually likes to eat breakfast with Daddy.

While I exercised, Jake got up on the top bunk bed, and he never gets down unless I get him down, so they waited up there for about 45 minutes. I think they were having fun though - I hope so, at least!

The girls saw me taking a photo of my feet, and wanted their pretty painted toenails in the picture too. We had all bought some new polish on Sunday, so it was fun to take a picture.

We ran to town to get groceries. Jake had finally finished off the unliked purple popsicles, so we finally were able to get another package (the purples always get left for the end. Orange first, then red, then purple.) We also go a treat of chocolate milk - it's great, but it will never compare to the Heartland chocolate milk in the glass bottles that we loved!

My precious camera in a bag of rice. I did the unthinkable. While taking some photos upstairs for Shimelle's Explore class (which I am loving!), I walked into the bathroom. As I entered the room, my hand hit the doorknob, and my camera went flying. It landed directly in the open toilet! Yuck! I tried to turn it on pretty quickly afterward (I knew better, but couldn't help it...), so I'm sure it's fried. But, I'm trying to dry it out, and hope maybe it works again. I'm not feeling very good about that though. This was the camera Dave gave me for Christmas a couple years ago when he knew I wanted a new camera (of course, I was wishing for DSLR...) Fortunately, no matter how old it is, I'm thankful that we have a backup digital camera, because poor photos are better than no photos! As you can tell, I forgot to take off the date stamp...

After supper when the girls were taking out recycling, Jake wanted to help. Of course, he didn't want to come back in, even with the promise of his favorite treat - watermelon! Elizabeth ended up carrying him in kicking and screaming so we could do dishes (she said he even bit her shoulder.) The watermelon did eventually calm him down, but you can still see a tear on his face.

After dishes, I folded some laundry. As I looked at these shirts of my boys', I reflected on how hard Dave and my boys work. It was 94 degrees out today, and they were out mowing all day! What incredible dedication they show!

Jake is often trying to help while we do dishes, but tonight, Lily got him to lay on the sofa with her, and watch cartoons. That was a huge help, because he usually gets water all over the place! They looked so sweet here. It was so dark, so I'm thankful I was able to get the photo to look halfway decent!

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