Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life Day 3

Wow! Day 3's photos already! Or, maybe I should say, it's about time. Yep, I'm working on this late today. Been one of those days, I guess. But, here is yesterday's day in photos - I got a little bit artistic with the photos while editing them...

The kids played outside in the morning, and Jake ended up filthy, so once I was done with my workout, I gave him a bath - he loves baths!

In the meantime the girls played in their room. Ummm.... sadly, they just cleaned it last week. See the red curtains? Dave found them in a house he cleaned out (don't worry, I wash them well), and they make the room so... red! Seriously, when the sun shines in, the room is awash in red!

Jake took a fairly early nap, and the girls asked to use my paints. They had a lot of fun painting!

Elizabeth's dog clown.

Lily's bowl of chocolate and painting of herself with someone who is NOT her sister (they had a lot of arguing yesterday!)

And the little guy sleeps. Umm... I think I see a popsicle stick in there - you never know where he'll throw them.

After painting, Lily wanted to throw a fashion show for me. I was trying to work, but took some time to watch. She put a chair at the bottom of the stairs with a pillowcase lying in front of it (I didn't quite understand that part...) and walked up and down the stairs with the same dress over and over, but different accessories (including stuffed animal and bubbles.) I caught this photo as she was changing something up there - I loved the effect of the sun coming through the bathroom window.

After nap it was time to play outside. Elizabeth with a smug look on her face, for some reason.

I did a lot of laundry - mmm... fresh towels! The bottom ones here are the new ones - I washed them on their own, and the dryer lint from these was incredible! The boys didn't think that was very exciting when I told them...

This is kind of a crumby photo, as Dylan all of a sudden noticed I had the camera and trying to get away, but this where you'll usually find the boys when they're home at the computer, or on their bed playing Magic.

Dave pulled out the cheetos while he was making supper, then headed outside. This has become a favorite snack of Jake's lately, so he thought he would follow suit, and proceeded to stuff as many cheetos in his hands before he went out the door - I finally had to grab the bag, he had them falling on the floor, in his mouth...

Jake and Lily putting some mail in the box for me.

Lily on the back of the truck.

Jake wants to sit there too!

Yum - corn on the cob! Poor William still has braces, and has to cut his off.

While I did dishes, Dave had the kids outside, and Elizabeth took some pictures of the young ones swinging. She's really trying to help me with this!

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