Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in the Life Day 6

Wow! I can't believe this is the last day of Week in the Life. I've got a really busy day of work, as is usual for the end of the month, but I'm going to make it!! Here are some of my favorite photos from yesterday.

Elizabeth snuggled up in my chair reading first thing in the morning. Her favorite thing to do.

Jake and Lily were up on our bed watching a Kipper video they got from the library.

My quick breakfast so I could keep working.

Elizabeth unplugging Jake's tractor. Once she had it ready for him, it was so funny, he took off out of the garage on that think like a bat out of... well, you get the idea. That boy only drives in 2nd gear now!

Kind of a big deal. I haven't had an adult drink since I got pregnant with Jake (well, besides the occasional sip of Dave's wine), but knowing how stressful this weekend would be for me, I asked him to pick up some wine coolers yesterday, so I could relax in the evening. I was kind of excited then I saw them in the fridge. They looked so yummy (but when I finally drank one at about 10 pm, I'll be honest, not as yummy as I thought it would be.)

William is a very creative soul, and recently he realized that when he comes across air fresheners like this, he can make faces in them with his pen. He loves to make little things to make me smile when I work through the pictures. He's so sweet!

Jake playing with one of his trucks, and the gravel. This was shortly before the sun went down, and what I've been reading is right -the lighting is fabulous then!

Lily had a friend over for a sleepover, and the kids had so much fun making a mud hole, and swinging over it. They were soaked.

And Jake wanted to swing.

Then the girls decided to run through the mud hole.

After they all dried off and got on their PJs, they watched Tom and Jerry on our bed, and ate popcorn. What a fun end to the day for them!

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