Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life Day 5

Day 5 - we're nearing the end!

Thursday started out with quite a bit of arguing. Lily was really irritating Elizabeth with that silly popper toy.

Jake was pulling some really silly faces while eating his yogurt.

The scraps from lunch - I guess Jake didn't want his crusts.

We had to run some errands, and I surprised Elizabeth as she got into the van by taking her photo.

We were so excited when Elizabeth found a Mighty Machines movie in the Walmart checkout line. This is Jake's favorite show (well, that or Bob the Builder), so it's so exciting to be able to turn it on any time we need it!

After our errands, I promised the girls we'd go to the library - they LOVE going there. Look at that HUGE bag of books Elizabeth is carrying! We left with it even fuller!!

Everyone wants to help put the books in the drop.

Ahhh... my favorite shelf. I'm not really into fiction, though there are a few authors that I love to read. But, the new cookbooks... that or the craft area.

When we got home, Jake was so ready for a nap (this was a LATE one - like 5 pm!)

Dave was going to make supper, but he asked if I'd make a tuna macaroni salad. The kids loved it, but he wasn't too happy that I didn't put any celery in it.

Just looking at all these alphas from Sassafras makes me so happy! I have a mild obsession with them - there are more on their way to me. I love the open spot on the top - I recently thought of putting them all on a binder ring - love it!!

Jake woke up not very happy, and wanted to do nothing but watch dump trucks, so I searched youtube.

While Dave made supper, the kids played outside.

Dave grilling. When he realized I was snapping photos, he told me to put the camera in the house. I'm loving this, but my family is getting a little sick of it...

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Sasha Farina said...

hey.. tell me how to make that salad? looks delish!!