Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fairy Forest from MizzKitten

Okay, I have to show you all this kit! I got to do a one kit call for MizzKitten, who is a new designer, and I have to tell you, she made one FUN kit!!! Fairy Forest was so much fun for me to work with. I think I only had to make 1 layout... but I just couldn't stop!! Please check it out at her shop (And I have to tell y'all that I just looked, and it's on sale for only $1.95!!! How's that for a deal?)

Here are my layouts

In that last one, I can just see the smug look on my oldest daughter's face saying, "Hah - look what I just did to my little brother!" And then I look at my younger girl's face and imagine her thinking, "Umm... yeah, that's really cool! BUT AM I NEXT?"

Okay, I have to admit, I already had to break my new goal of not making elements bigger, this kit was just way to much fun to make things huge with! I LOVE the really big mushroom (but to be honest, it was only made to be pretty little.) I am telling you, this is a really fun kit!

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