Monday, January 18, 2010

Template for a Great Cause

Studio Hillary at ScrapbookGraphics has made a beautiful template that she is selling, with the proceeds going to Save the Children, to help in their effort to bring relief in Haiti. I think this is a beautiful cause, as the people down there are hurting so very much!! All she is asking is that you donate what you can for it - she is hoping for a donation of $2 for the template, but you can name your price. She would like to send the donation at the end of this week, so please purchase it now!

Here is what I have done with it.

Journaling reads: On a beautiful Labor Day, Jake and Cayla get to know each other.

Credits: Hillary Heidelberg's Charity Template, all else is from ON Designs' Another Autumn Bundle - all of which can be purchased at ScrapbookGraphics.

Please help Hillary in her effort to help!

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