Friday, January 8, 2010

Sweet Pea

Oh - my - gosh! If you haven't seen this kit before, I say, run, run as fast as you can and get it!!! Sweet Pea from Createwings Designs. I don't think you can make a bad layout with it!!! The papers are gorgeous, the elements are unbelievable, and the word arts are truly incredible! I am so in love with the whole kit!! I bought it a while back, and for some reason didn't work with it until now, but I am so glad I did! I made this great layout with Jake in it, and as I worked with it, I knew this was the kit I wanted to do my first art journal page with. I have some great stuff to work with, but THIS was what I wanted to use! So, here you are...

Sweet Pea Jake

This I am really proud of. I got up early this morning, and in the quiet just enjoyed adding element after element, and really trying to put some meaning into what I was doing, and I LOVED IT!! (I don't think my computer loved it though - it kept working slower and slower, the more elements I added!) What does this mean to me? We do a lot of gardening, and we do it out of love. We do it to nourish our children's bodies with the finest, most natural vegetables we can give them. And it is such a labor (and I do mean labor) of love!

Grow Life, Grow Love

On a side note, I love to grow flowers as well, and I'm sure as spring and summer come around, you'll start seeing lots of mine here!! : )


createwings said...

Wow Rebecca what a special treat to see that you created pages from one of my kits and posted them here on your blog. Then to read all your kind words about my designs really put a huge smile on my face. I'm very happy that you like my designs...thank you very much. This made my day even brighter.



createwings said...

I also wanted to add that I love how you expressed yourself in the first page about the gardening and the page with your little one is adorable! Love that you made the goose a friend. Wonderful and happy pages. Fantastic work.